MRC Centenary Celebration - Celebrating 100 years of life-changing research

MRC Centenary Celebration - Celebrating 100 years of life-changing research

During 2013 the MRC celebrated a hundred years of life-changing discoveries and took time to reflect on the many achievements in medical research, acknowledging those who have supported the MRC along the way and looking forward to what medical research will deliver in the future.

The MRC’s nationwide Birthday celebrations were heralded-in with a lively family event in the Science Museum in London, “The Life Game”. Fun activities and fascinating talks brought scientists and the public together to discuss the latest MRC research and how it builds on a research legacy from the past 100 years. Nine MRC research teams, including the MRC-Asthma UK Centre, based in London took part in the festival to create an exciting hands-on experience, suitable for families with children aged eight years and over.

Museum visitors were able to enter ’Life’ and take their character (pal) on a journey through the years by talking to scientists and finding out about their amazing research on the brain, viruses and lots more. Visitors took chances and make choices as they progress through the festival, to create a story for their character of a long and healthy life.

The focus of the MRC-Asthma UK Centre’s element in this activity was Allergies, asking the question:

Allergies – does your pal have an allergy? Is there a way to cure it?

Allergies can be exasperating and asthma could affect your pal’s lifestyle. From pollen to peanuts, substances called allergens can cause the body to react in unwanted ways. Find out more by crawling inside a giant nose to discover the allergens that can accumulate there.

Following on from this event, researchers at the MRC-Asthma UK Centre next ran a Centenary Open Day event at the South Bank Observation Point in London on June 20th; The MRC-Asthma UK Centre Takes Science Outdoors. Visitors to our exhibition were greeted by 12ft inflatable lungs and a mixture of professors, clinicians, consultants and PhD students were on hand to answer questions and present their research through various interactive activities such as the 'Respiratory Olympics'.

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