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Gupta A, Dimeloe S, Richards DF, Chambers ES, Black C, Urry Z, Ryanna K, Xystrakis E, Bush A, Saglani S et al..  2013.  Defective IL-10 expression and in vitro steroid-induced IL-17A in paediatric severe therapy-resistant asthma.. Thorax.
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Fleming L, Tsartsali L, Wilson N, Regamey N, Bush A.  2013.  Longitudinal relationship between sputum eosinophils and exhaled nitric oxide in children with asthma.. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 188(3):400-2.
Irving SJ, Ives A, Davies G, Donovan J, Edey AJ, Gill SS, Nair A, Saunders C, Wijesekera NT, Alton EWFW et al..  2013.  Lung clearance index and high-resolution computed tomography scores in primary ciliary dyskinesia.. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 188(5):545-9.
Krauss-Etschmann S, Bush A, Bellusci S, Brusselle GG, Dahlén SErik K, Dehmel S, Eickelberg O, Gibson G, Hylkema MN, Knaus P et al..  2013.  Of flies, mice and men: a systematic approach to understanding the early life origins of chronic lung disease.. Thorax. 68(4):380-4.
Binia A, Van Stiphout N, Liang L, Michel S, Bhavsar PK, K Chung F, Brightling CE, Barnes PJ, Kabesch M, Bush A et al..  2013.  A polymorphism affecting MYB binding within the promoter of the PDCD4 gene is associated with severe asthma in children.. Hum Mutat. 34(8):1131-9.
Bush A, Anthony G, Barbato A, Cunningham S, Clément A, Epaud R, Gilbert C, Goldbeck L, Kronfeld K, Nicholson AG et al..  2013.  Research in progress: put the orphanage out of business.. Thorax. 68(10):971-3.
Hopkinson NS, Moxham J, Montgomery H, West R, Scally G, McKee M, Spiro S, Bush A, Stradling J, Wells A et al..  2013.  Tobacco industry lobbyists and their health-care clients.. Lancet. 381(9865):445.
Dimeloe S, Richards DF, Urry ZL, Gupta A, Stratigou V, Farooque S, Saglani S, Bush A, Hawrylowicz CM.  2012.  1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 promotes CD200 expression by human peripheral and airway-resident T cells.. Thorax. 67(7):574-81.
Bush A, Fleming L.  2012.  2012 and never been KISSed: we need to improve the care of children with asthma.. Prim Care Respir J. 21(3):242-4.
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Sharples J, Gupta A, Fleming L, Bossley CJ, Bracken-King M, Hall P, Hayward A, Puckey M, Balfour-Lynn IM, Rosenthal M et al..  2012.  Long-term effectiveness of a staged assessment for paediatric problematic severe asthma.. Eur Respir J. 40(1):264-7.
Hoo A-F, Thia LP, Nguyen TThanh Diem, Bush A, Chudleigh J, Lum S, Ahmed D, Lynn IBalfour, Carr SB, Chavasse RJ et al..  2012.  Lung function is abnormal in 3-month-old infants with cystic fibrosis diagnosed by newborn screening.. Thorax. 67(10):874-81.
Bossley CJ, Fleming L, Gupta A, Regamey N, Frith J, Oates T, Tsartsali L, Lloyd CM, Bush A, Saglani S.  2012.  Pediatric severe asthma is characterized by eosinophilia and remodeling without T(H)2 cytokines.. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 129(4):974-82.e13.
Bush A, Hogg C.  2012.  Primary ciliary dyskinesia: recent advances in epidemiology, diagnosis, management and relationship with the expanding spectrum of ciliopathy.. Expert Rev Respir Med. 6(6):663-82.
Urry Z, Chambers ES, Xystrakis E, Dimeloe S, Richards DF, Gabryšová L, Christensen J, Gupta A, Saglani S, Bush A et al..  2012.  The role of 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 and cytokines in the promotion of distinct Foxp3+ and IL-10+ CD4+ T cells.. Eur J Immunol. 42(10):2697-708.
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