Change of leadership at Asthma Centre

Professor Tak Lee retires at the end of September after six years as director of the MRC-Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma. The Centre was established in 2005 and became a unique partnership between two funding agencies (MRC and Asthma UK), two universities (King's College London and Imperial College London), and their partner NHS Trusts.

Professor Lee has overseen the development and growth of the centre and has been an inspiration to its staff. Under his direction the centre has doubled the number of principle investigators and has created a strong collaborative platform. Professor Lee said, "I know the centre would succeed when it was established six years ago but what we have achieved has surpassed all my expectations. It has offered a group of highly motivated and internationally competitive scientists opportunities to interact and share their skill, while still preserving their scientific independence. The strength of the centre lies in being integrated and working towards a common goal fro patient benefit."

Read Taks farewell meesage here

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